Honest paying PTC sites in India | Scam free and genuine money making program

Make money with genuine Indian PTC websites

If you are from India looking for a good and honest paying PTC sites; we would suggest few best and genuine paid to click programs to earn money. However, those paidtoclick sites are not basically from India.

To want to work from home with PTC sites you don’t need to target Indian sites because according to our review many “Paid To Click Websites” does work in the same model when it comes to payout. Few websites will allow clicking 10 ads per day and few 4-5 ads in a day. If you are an upgraded member, clicking number of ads may be increased.

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All programs fall under same category

In all cases, irrespective of any paid to click websites; they pay through recommended online payment processors like alertpay,libertyreserve, paypal and solidtrust pay and etc. Few people assuming Indian based sites will pay more in rupees and easy to withdraw while others does not in dollars.

If you are a registered member in any of the Indian paidtoclick sites, the withdrawal amount will be in common like Rs. 200 to Rs.300. Similarly, when you work with PTC sites which are outside of India, the payout will be approximately $2 to $5 respectively.

Hence, if you convert the amount into an Indian rupees, the earning amount would be the same.

You can’t earn six figure income 

We suggest there are many on the web, however we would recommend two best and honest paying websites. You can’t make $1000 per month though, however it can fulfill your expectation.

Work with legitimate programs to meet your requirements

Again, earnings from Indian based websites will be the same as earning from International websites. We do hope now you are ready join with the sites which accepts all members internationally. Make some money in your spare time to fill your empty pocket.

Join now with non-Indian websites

  • www.Neobux.com
  • www.Clixsense.com

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If you have any best “Indian based websites” you can leave them in the comment box. No affiliate link allowed to post and if found any will be deleted immediately.

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