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  • Start your own PTC website without any technical knowledge
  • Free DEMO software before you think some serious business

Do you have any thoughts in mind to start a paid-to-click website with no technical knowledge required? If it was so then try this amazing web-hosting company which will help you to start your own Click and earn website without a scratch.

You can get started your very own click and earn website in less than 24 hours. Forget about HTML Coding and other technical knowledge. PTC webhost will handle everything as you wanted.

Complete Demo to run your own PTC site without hiccups

The NextGen PTC script has been built with the latest AJAX, jQuiry and Web 2.0 technologies and provides a stable platform for your PTC business. You will be able to set all parameters like pay per click values, advertisement timers, upgrade prices, referral renting, etc. Your script will automatically update to the latest version when available, free of charge. As BuxHost is the developer of this script, it has been optimized to work effortless on the server platform.

Security concerns and other super features

Powerfull Dell PHP/MySQL servers containing 8 CPU cores and 6GB of RAM memory will take care of hosting your PTC script. All servers run on Linux and can handle large volumes of visitors to your website. They also offer full DDoS protection of your website(s) free of charge.

Protection is provided by Black Lotus, a leading expert in DDoS protection. All server IP addresses are protected by their Elite DDoS Protection Service that can mitigate up to 1 Gbps of attacking traffic at 100K requests per second.

Customer support available to answer your questions

Nextgen PTC web-hosting company can help you out any technical quires available 24/7 customer support. To start your PTC website no need to have any skills or technical knowledge and most of the quires will be answered within 24 hours and few may take up-to 78 hours at a maximum time.

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Try Demo Version To Create A PTC Website

You can also try for a demo version for a better understanding. Simply log in to the website control panel and see how you can handle in a real time. All feature and complete step by step tutorial available within the demo version. Simply start with the demo version and see how it works and feels to you.

Log into the demo version

Want to start with demo version? Get started now

Payment method to purchase your PTC Plan

You can order your PTC website via moneybookers and payza. Credit card options available through payment gateways, along-with few local payment methods for your convenient.

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