Site That Pays For Downloading Free Software And Viewing Ads

Make Money By Downloading Free Software And Viewing Advertisements 

Would you be interested to download free software and make money for viewing free advertisements’ online while doing nothing? Get paid for downloading free software and earn honest income from your computer just like any other free to join money making sites. Do you want to know more about before start downloading software to earn from home? Keep reading please…

Make money online to browse the net | Free Software

Get paid to browse the net | Free Software

Let Me Explain A Bit About The Company

CashGopher is an advertising based company which pays its revenue to the members who participating in viewing advertisements online through a provided free software. You’ll earn online simply by installing a software into a computer. What next!

How To Use The Software To Make Money Online!

The software is easy to handle and you must first signup and become a member through the site before start downloading software. Once you downloaded software you can use your computer normally as you would and by doing so you’ll make money by doing the same. How simple is that!

Getting Paid For Your Activities And Referrals

CashGopher was created by the same team who created Mylot also pays to the members for participating in discussions. Similarly you’ll get paid on a monthly basis once you reached your payout level for viewing ads. Once you have accumulated at least $10 in your CashGopher account, you are eligible to receive your account balance paid out via Paypal. They pay users with minimum accumulated earnings of $10 on a monthly basis on or around the 15th of the month. This payment will be for the preceding calendar month.

It is a good site to get paid for viewing advertisements; again I do not claim that you’ll make thousands of dollars every month; however you could make money while browsing the net. Instead of simply viewing the ads through non recommended PTC sites you can actually download the software and start making money side by side. According to the CashGopher you could earn more than $10 and less than $1,000. It should be somewhere in between. Want to add more money in your account than you can refer your friends and ask them to download and browse the net. The more downloads means the more money as well.

Understanding The Payment | PayPal Option

Your earnings should reach to $10 before redeem the cash. If your earnings are less than $10 it will carry forward to the next month until you reach minimum $10 threshold. You’ll get paid in US dollars via PayPal. 

Promote Your Affiliate Program To Earn Money With CashGopher

CashGopher is good site to earn money through affiliates. You can invite as many people as you want and the more people joins and download the software you will make a lot of money. You can promote your link via online in Free classified sites, Forums, Blogs and what not. You will earn 25% of what each of your referrals make via CashGopher usage for a full year after they install the software. These “referral earnings” will be reported as a separate line item in your CashGopher account. Once you’ve installed the software and created a CashGopher account, simply login to your account to get your special link. You can also install the software on multiple computers to make even more money.

You Are Not Associated With Paid To Surf Site

You will not be making money for clicking ads instead you‘ll get paid for browsing through the software. You must see the software logo once the software installed successfully. The program is free to join plus the software as well. Invite more people and get paid for viewing advertisements/browsing the net. You can make some serious income if you put little effort on this.

Start now @ Make Money For Downloading Software And Viewing/Browsing The Net

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