Why you should not trust Highpaying PTC sites?

High paying paid to click programs | Do not join 

I want to let you know in short why joining with “High paying paid to click sites” is not recommended in general and why should not trust High-paying PTC sites to make money on the internet?

Yesterday one of my friends who asked me to review on the same topic. In fact, he wanted to join with few High-paying PTC sites which currently paying $5-$10 per click. Do not get surprised by this. However, still you could find a lot of PTC sites in the internet that flying here and there to hook you up.

People who wants to earn some fast money obviously will get mesmerized with these false promises in the form of advertisements and affiliate efforts. Do not join with any sites if you come across online promising get paid $1 or $5 per click and so on. Advertisers are not fools to pay high-paying advertising budget to paid to click programs to promote their business.

PTC is not for all | Move on

Alright. Lets back to the business. He asked me whether the site is recommended to join or not? I replied to him better avoid before wasting your precious time. why is that! and Why it is not true? Well, let me explain in short so that everybody can comprehend it well.

What is PTC sites and why advertisers willing to advertise there? It is for the purpose of advertising. Right! As you know “Paid to click sites” are the best place to advertise any business by cheap advertising rate/budget. Let’s say 1000 visitors for $5 approximately. How the payment rate will be distributed between members and the profit for the PTC admin?

When advertiser pays $5 for 1000 visitors, the revenue will be shared 50/50 or sometimes even less. If a site pays 1 cent per click for $5 advertising campaign then the profit for the PTC admin is to be said a “Hell“.

1000+ visitors for mere $5 budget

As far as my experience is concern with PTC sites, the advertising budget plus number of visitors normally $5 for 1000 visitors. So lets take an example of this. 100 CENTS equal to $1. In that case, 500 cents equal to $5. Right! So if a site pays 1 cent for each ad, it can generate only 500 visitors for $5. What about the rest!  PTC site admin failing to deliver another 500 visitors for the advertiser. That’s why legit PTC sites pay a very low click rate of 000.25 which is very lower than a cent.

Lose your finger and eyesight in $5 PTC Programs

Similarly, rich PTC sites usually pay $5 to $10 per ad click which means that advertisers have to invest a least $5000 for one thousand visitors or more. This is absolutely nonsense. Why advertisers have to pay $5000 for advertising in PTC sites?  Advertising networks such as Google-adwords, adbrite, bidvertiser and yahoo. etc can easily deliver massive number of quality visitors for just $500 or so! I hope now you got the point what I am trying to say. Do not join with any rich paying paid to click sites and expect payout from them. Test your knowledge.

If you find any PTC sites that pays highly then do not join because you’ll not get paid by them. Yet, people are there online who believes that high-paying sites will pay them for clicking ads or promoting them. They never pay a dime. Avoid high paying PTC sites to make money on the internet. If you want to experience it yourself, please test them.

At last…do not join with high-paying PTC sites from now on…

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