Legit Or Scam? Payment Proof, Review Is Legit Or Scam? Review 

I recently found a site to“make money online by paying mere 2$ admin fee” plus there is no need to pay again to stay active in the business for life. Interesting to know how!

Created on: 17-Sep-10
Expires on: 17-Sep-14
Last Updated on: 11-Aug-12

Well, is creating a lot of hype online in recent months about how to get paid thousands of dollars simply by investing 2$. You’ll be making money for referring new members who are interested to join plus advertising your websites side by side., legit or scam site? works all in one advertising and income portal, video ads, text ads, banner ads and much more plus full-time income opportunity. As a member you will get paid for looking at adverts as well as advertising. Compensation Plan And Membership 

If you want to join, you must look into the below compensation plan and how the system will be carried out during the course. An example shown below for  a demonstration purpose only.

To start with…when you join with there is no guarantee in which level you will be placed. As of now, the first stage has completed which means you have to pay 4$ for in order to become a member.

If you visit the official site after few weeks time or months then the payment structure may lead you into the next level. OK… let’s get started.

  • $2.00 to join for the first 5000 members. This stage completed
  • $4.00 to join for the next 5000 members (Currently running)
  • $2.00 admin and you get $2.00 for each referral, this stage is now active, then
  • $6.00 to join for the next 5000 members
  • $2.00 admin and you get $4.00 for each referral, then
  • $8.00 to join for the next 5000 members
  • $2.00 admin and you get $6.00 for each referral then
  • $10.00 to join till we reach the next 10,000
  • members, $2.00 admin and you get $8.00 for each referral.
  •  This then creates 30,000 founder members who will share 50% of all paradoxcash profits.
  • Any members that join after the founder members will get 10% share of the profits and all the other benefits.
  • Remember 50% of all profit will be shared between the first 30,000 founder members only
  • You will receive 10% of all the advertising your referrals sell under you 10 levels deep
  • You will receive 25% of all the advertising that you sell
  • 3000 website credits per month
  • 5000 banner credits per month
  • 5000 text credits per month
  • Unlimited video bookmarks
  • Unlimited bookmarks
  • Unlimited autoresponder
  • Unlimited rotator
  • Unlimited short url service
  • Free access to the conference room for selling
  • Unlimited track everything plus Twitter and Facebook. PayPal Dispute

As of now, is not accepting PayPal payment processor to join through or receive a payment.

However, there are few online payment processors such as through which you can join with as well as receive payments.

Conclusion To is also building few more websites at this moment where you will get a chance to join as a free member automatically plus 50$ profit share there as well.

Still, is somewhat a genuine program that works very differently than the other money-making systems that I have ran across so far.

I do not know how many people will gladly accept Paradoxcash system as a legit way to make money online. However, the admin fee is too low to join. You can try for $2 and then see yourself how it goes from there.

You are not investing thousands of dollars. So you can join and see how Paradoxcash works and pays you. Though investment is investment. Please make sure to get some ideas from the joined members for enlightening yourself better.

Still, you can leave your complaints/ideas about if found any flaws.

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